Cheap Cargo Shorts On Amazon: 11 Cargo Shorts For Men Under $30

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It’s that time of year when men around the world to start curating their summer aesthetic. Allow me to speak for men everywhere for just a second: Sometimes your wardrobe needs some cheap cargo shorts. That said, no piece of menswear ignites so much hatred and passion from dudes across the globe: You either hate cargo shorts with a smug, elitist passion or you love ’em with all your heart because you’re a man who doesn’t care what pretty boy hipsters think about your personal choice in laidback summer attire.

Here at BroBible, we find ourselves on the latter side of the conversation: The anti-cargo shorts agenda has tainted Bro-kind for too long, dividing dudes around the world. Anti-cargo shorts propaganda from coastal elitist organizations like Buzzfeed and Chubbies as turned this essential piece of summer clothing into a cultural class war.

So just hear me out for a second: Cargo shorts offer unparalleled utility for men that have work to do. The landscapers and firefighters of the world. The guys who know a thing or two about fixing a transmission. The men who spend their summer Saturdays taking trips to Home Depot while building a deck, laying a patio, or grillin’ up their signature beef brisket for a family BBQ, complete with an extra side pocket for a back-up pair of stainless steel’ tongs.

As millennial men get older, a pocket revolution is in the air. Say goodbye to the cargo shorts negative stigma, because cargo shorts for men are life.

As we said in our pro-cargo shorts manifesto a few years ago…

I’ll start with the obvious. Cheap cargo shorts allow you to carry… more cargo. Those two big honking pockets can hold a six pack of Corona (in bottles!) and you’ve still got room for your wallet, phone, and car keys. Cargo shorts give you room enough for all those day-to-day necessities a man is supposed to carry, like a pocket knife and a bottle opener, and still have room to move. 

I’ve seen these shorts from “Chubbies” and there’s barely enough room in them, much less space for a few essentials. 

What am I supposed to do with my stuff if I wear those?

Men need shorts that they can squat down in, change a tire in, and that gives them room to adjust without putting enough pressure on their innards to cause organ damage. Tight shorts are fine for Hooters waitresses and strippers, but men need room down there. There’s a reason the badass Scots wear kilts.

Having an extra pockets to stash beer cans in is pretty badass. Because function > fashion, I put together a buying guide for men who need extra pockets without shelling out a lot of money for summer shorts.

All of these cheap cargo shorts for men can be acquired on Amazon Prime so you’ll be rockin these cheap cargo shorts in no time.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Cargo Short

$18. I literally spent $18 at Chipotle the other night. Too bad I didn’t consider that an investment in my future with a dope pair of Amazon Essential classic cargo shorts for men. These things are made of 100% cotton, come in 10 different colors (…including camo, bitches) and only cost $18.

Price: $18



Carhartt Men’s 11″ Rugged Cargo Shorts

Carhartt is a name synonymous with cuttin’ down trees, climbin’ utility poles, and clearing the gutters after climbing up a 20-foot utility ladder. Carhartt cargo shorts are for tough guys doing tough guy things. They’re 100% cotton, boast a fit that sits slightly below the waist, and will last you decades, complete with two spacious pockets on the side to stash bulky belongings. The relaxed yet rugged fit also give you plenty of room to breathe and stretch out where it matters most.

Price: $29.99



Carhartt Men’s 11″ Rugged Cargo Camo Short

The John Rambo version of the rugged Carhartt cargo shorts mentioned above. 100% Cotton. Relaxed seat and thigh. Right-leg cargo pocket with cell phone storage and pen stall. Hidden metal snaps on back pocket flaps.

Price: $29.99



Match Men’s Cargo Shorts

Sometimes you just need cheap cargo shorts with bonus pockets. It doesn’t get any more classic than this highly-breathable pair of cargo shorts from Match. They’re loose-fitting, complete with a zip fly and drawstring. There are a plethora of pockets for snacks, lighters, and pocket knives. Oh. Did I mention the variety? There are over 35 different colors to choose from, so you can rock these cheap cargos for days in all sorts of different colorways.

Price: $17.99



Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short

Why mess with perfection? These Wranglers keep you organized. This highly-afforable pair of cheap cargo shorts are loose-fitting, featuring EIGHT pockets per pair of shorts: 2 slanted front, 4 cargo flap, and 2 back flap. The fit hits perfectly at the knee for an ultra premium summer look. License to chill status? Acquired.

Price: $18.99



UNIONBAY Men’s Survivor Belted Cargo Shorts

UNIONBAY cargo shorts offer a vintage-wash twill featuring oversize pockets and D-ring belt. They also come in a incredible variety of color options for your summer wardrobe needs: Grenade. Dugout. Camo. True Navy. Rye. Prisim. Desert. Saddle. Android. And a true Military Green. The fit on these cheap cargo shorts for men is breezy and relaxed, with a belt for that added touch.

Price: $25



Dickies Men’s Flex 13-Inch Relaxed Fit Cargo Short

Dickies has been making high quality workwear and apparel since 1922‎. Dickies is ALL-IN when it comes to manufacturing cheap cargo shorts for men with best-in-class pocket design. The 13-inch flex fit offers a fully baker’s dozen of relaxing comfort. Important to note that Dickies cargo shorts are wrinkle-free thanks to a 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend. And let’s talk about those that best-in-class cargo shorts pocket design: The expandable cargo pockets are secured by hook and loop closures, so you won’t lose all the important belongings you stash in those bad boys.

Price: $22.99



G-Style USA Men’s Solid Fleece Cargo Shorts

Key word: FLEECE. Beautiful, comfortable FLEECE. Finally, a pair of cargo shorts that are comfortable enough for hungover Netflix binge days on your couch. These cargos come with big, cozy side pockets for sunglasses and Advil (…cause last night was mad real), along with a drawstring waist like your favorite pair of sweats.

Price: $20.95



Lee Men’s Dungarees Belted Wyoming Cargo Short

11.5-inch inseam, baby! Is there anything better than the cotton comfort and functionality of a pair of Lee Dungarees? Lee Dungarees Wyoming Cargo Shorts are a backyard summer classic, with the fit hitting the top of the knee just like a good pair of cargo shorts should. They won’t restrict you during a cornhole game. Relaxed-fit short featuring slanted hand pockets, rear button-flap pockets, and cargo leg pockets. The ultimate dad grillin’ shorts.

Price: $29.90



WenVen Men’s Cotton Twill Cargo Shorts

If lots of drawstrings and tiny pockets is your thing, this is exactly what you’re looking for. WenVen offers 13 color options across three cargo shorts styles. Hits just below the knee with a 12-inch inseam.

Price: $23.99



OCHENTA Men’s Cotton Leisure Cargo Shorts

As a professional cargo shorts reviewer, I can confirm that OCHENTA’s multi-pocketed leisure shorts are some of the most aggressive cheap cargo shorts for men on the market. The colors are obscenely bright and ostentatious, with lots of little draw strings on the knee in case you need to strap yourself into your lawn chair.

Price: $25.89


Thanks for reading. Viva la cargo shorts revolution! And if you need a belt for that flashy new pair of cargos, check out our ranking of best belts for men if you’re trying to stand out this summer. 

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