These ‘Fish Strap’ Hemp Sandals Will Survive All Your Insane Summer Adventures

'Fish Strap' Hemp Sandals

How many pairs of sandals do you wear in the summer?

We’re hoping the answer isn’t one because that’s just foul.

If you’re rotating between a few cheap pairs, you need to add a versatile pair of flops that will last the entire summer and beyond.

These Fish Strap sandals from Rainbow are made from hemp, one of the most versatile and durable materials on the planet.

The manufacturers use a single layer arch construction that has a hemp top sole, and the nylon strap and toe piece are held in place by a box X stitch pattern with triple glue inside the layers.

If the wish isn’t your wish, check out all the Rainbow sandals over at Man Outfitters.

Fish Shirts

Pair these sandals up with either a Rainbow Trout Expedition Tee or Dos Pez’ Graphic Tee to fin-ish off your look.


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