This Hoodie Is Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds And Plastic Bottles And Only $69 A Pop

by 3 months ago

Finding a great hoodie is a lot like finding “the one.” Once you find “the one,” you know it’s “the one.” It might not look like “the one,” but when you throw it on, the warmth and comfort it provides reassures you that it’s “the one.”

There’s an amazing garment revolution occurring with recycled materials, especially with warm threads like hoodies and fleeces. Coalatree just launched their latest outerwear innovation – The Innovation Hoodie, a hoodie made from recycled materials that includes a zip pocket pouch. Now you can keep your stash all zipped up rather than worrying about it falling out of a traditional hoodie pocket.

The coolest thing about The Innovation Hoodie is the materials it comes from – Recycled coffee grinds and plastic bottles. Each hoodie contains three cups of recycled coffee grinds and 10 plastic bottles, keeping them out of our precious oceans and waterways.

There are four badass colorways: Green, red, grey, and black.

It’s smashing all kinds of Kickstarter goals, with almost 2500 backers. You’ll get it just in time for hoodie szn 2019 to start back up again, too: Delivery is estimated for September 2019.

Coalatree is selling The Innovation Hoodie at only $69 a hoodie, so better go grab two – One for yourself and a backup one for yourself when your significant other (…or some rando) steals yours this upcoming football season.





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