The BroBible Style Guide: How To Dress Rugged And Warm This Winter

by 4 months ago
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When it comes to shopping for the holidays (…or yourself, let’s be real), you want worthy gifts or wardrobe staples that will stand the test of time and not end up in a landfill come next winter while you ask yourself how hungover you were when you bought it.

As far as your personal style goes, you need a rugged aesthetic that can withstand the elements — or at the very least, your morning commute. However, rocking outdoor-ready style can be a fine line to walk if you don’t go about it correctly. You don’t want to look like a full-blown lumberjack that’s ready to WIN Oregon Trail, no matter the dysentery risks. Leave that for the Brooklyn Dads. You need to balance the consummate, tailored professional you are with the weekend warrior inside, ready to rage with a cast iron skillet and bottle of decent whiskey at a Hudson Valley Airbnb.

Without further ado, here’s a no B.S. cold-weather style guide for you and your loved ones that you can cop for yourself or holiday gifts.

Lugz Mallard Boots

Boots that look good, feel good and are slip resistant make up the foundation of a solid cold weather wardrobe. These are the duck-toe boots you can bring on a backpacking trip or wear while waiting in line at Starbucks on a slushy day, because late stage capitalism gets us all. At six inches tall these Lugz are just the right height to keep out the snow and rain, but can just as easily be worn with your favorite flannel at a sunny tailgate.

Buy it now: $89.99


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