How To Properly Level-Up Your Watch Game As You Climb The Career Ladder Of Success


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If there’s one style accessory that most guys wear to show-off their success, it’s a watch. Hey, it makes sense, since it’s the one thing that people are immediately drawn to, usually commenting on how stylish or cool it is — and StockX is the premier spot to find the perfect watch to fit your mood.

Acting as “the stock market of things,” StockX is an online marketplace where you can get pretty much anything you want, with a number of luxury brands available for things like watches, shoes, and streetwear. And, if you’re looking for a stylish watch to flaunt, StockX is the place to get one. Since rocking a luxury watch speaks to your success, we thought it’d be interesting to breakdown what your style of watch really says about where you’re at in your career. Let’s face it, if you’re an intern or entry-level worker, you’re not going to be wearing a $20,000 Patek Philippe around the office — or so I hope not — but you might be by the time you call it quits after seeing it all during a successful career..

With a bunch of different styles available on StockX to choose from, we’re giving you some options to consider depending on where you’re at in your career. Whether that’s as an assistant, an associate, a director, a vice president, a CEO or, finally, just retired, you’ve only got one shot at making a good first impression, so purchase carefully.



StockX Watch Option: Casio G-Shock x ASAP Ferg Limited Edition

As an assistant, you’re still young, active and trying to find your style on a limited budget. But, hey, you’re still trying to look cool, too, right? That’s why the limited edition Casio G-Shock x ASAP Ferg is the perfect choice for you at this point in your career — because it pretty much goes with everything in your closet right now. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans? The Casio G-Shock x ASAP Ferg will complete the outfit. Going with a sweatshirt and Air Jordans? This watch will complement it perfectly. This is ideal for when you’re going for hip without feeling super guilty if you bid on it on StockX.




StockX Watch Option: Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular 40mm

When you become an Associate, your wardrobe goes from pullovers and jeans to a little bit more business casual, meaning you’re rocking Oxford button-downs and fitted khakis. It also means you’re a little bit busier when it comes to work, which is why the versatile Apple Watch Series 4 GPS is a good choice, because you’ll need to check emails on the fly and schedule meetings between sets at the gym. Whether you’re replying to an email in gym shorts or wearing rolled up khakis, the Apple Watch Series 4 GPS is the ideal watch for everyday use.



StockX Watch Option: Seiko Presage

As your career shifts upward, so, too, does your wardrobe — so make sure you’ve got a watch around your wrist that shows that success off a little bit. That’s why we suggest the Seiko Presage as a great option. As classic of a design as it gets thanks to the black leather band and simplistic face, this watch is stylish enough to warrant attention, but won’t be flashy to get eye rolls from others. Think of it as the Mercedes of the group, where you’re showing enough success without overdoing it, but still know that, deep down, you’re killin‘ it. And with the StockX lowest ask price of $2,000, it’s a versatile enough watch to wear with a suit for an important meeting or for a night out on the town.


Vice President


StockX Watch Option: Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver

Now that you’ve officially reached that Vice President level, you’re expected to be one of the sharpest dressed men in the office — so why not go with a watch that allows you to show your digs a little bit? That’s why the Cartier Calibre de Cartier Diver is the perfect accessory around your wrist, because it’ll go perfectly with any suit and tie combo you’ve got in your arsenal, while showing people you’re a confident leader within the company. With the StockX lowest ask price currently at $5,000, the design is enough to grab everyone’s attention in the room, while still being subtle enough that you don’t need to mention how much you paid for it.




StockX Watch Option: Rolex Day-Date

When you mention the word “Rolex,” it screams classy; and there isn’t a better watch than one that’s been worn by world leaders to show your classy side. Your closet is now full of expensive suits and accessories that make you look like you’re GQ‘s “Best Dressed Man”, so The Rolex Day-Date is the perfect match to your expansive wardrobe collection. With the StockX lowest ask price currently at $14,000, this watch might set you back a bit, but, hey, luxury isn’t cheap. If you want to look the part of a success, this is the watch for you. Consider this Rolex the perfect complement to that corner office you work from everyday.




StockX Watch Option: Patek Philippe Annual Calendar

Reward yourself for all those years of hard work by getting a watch from the world’s best watchmaker. The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar is both timeless in its design and casual enough to wear during any occasion without being too gaudy. Pair it with a golf polo on the course and your playing partners will be amazed. Or feel free to roll up your sleeves, slip on some loafers and read the paper to show everyone that you’re still as timeless as this watch. With a StockX lowest ask price of $22,700, there isn’t a better retirement gift for yourself.

Becoming an expert buyer and seller of luxury watches will take time. Fortunately, StockX helps consumers make smart decisions on a wide range of timepieces at a variety of price points.

It’s the ultimate tool for making an informed decision and staying on top of deals. Because when it comes to shelling out your hard earned cash for a luxury watch, knowledge is power.


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