Why PF Flyers Are The All-American Shoe That Every Bro Needs To Own

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When it comes to style and so-called street swag, there are a few shoes that seem to do the trick. And, while there are duplicated kicks out there, the OG sneaks have always been the PF Flyers, which go back to the days of pro athletes like Bob Cousy wearing them in the NBA.

Sure, the PF Flyers are best-known as being the shoe in the sports movie The Sandlot, but they’re far more than just that. It just takes a little bit of education to understand the true story behind these All-American shoes — and why they’re versatile enough to be worn by every bro for nearly any occasion.

Founded all the way back in 1937, the PF Flyers were inspired by the Center Hi design that hoopers back in the ’60s, like the aforementioned Cousy, made popular. Made in the USA, the PF Flyers may have kept the same design as the original, but they’ve been enhanced over time thanks to some upgrades for the common man.

To this day, high end PF Flyers classics like the Made In The USA Center Hi (pictured below) are still manufactured in Boston.

A few of the features of the PF Flyers these days will make your feet happier than ever, while still pulling off classic style that pairs well with any outfit. Here’s a few of the PF Flyers product features.

  • Leather heel counter and debossed leather ankle patch
  • Leather laces
  • Premium domestic unlined raw suede
  • Signature comfort insert

So, whether you’re rocking PF Flyers for a first date or walking into the office to pair them with some hemmed khakis and a tie, they’re as comfortable as they are versatile. And knowing that someone in the good ol’ U.S. of A. will make you feel even more American than ever.

With a variety of style options, PF Flyers can match your style with your personality, and, just maybe, remind you why these legendary, All-American shoes are still so badass.

Here are a couple pairs of PF Flyers we like a lot… 

Sandlot Center Hi

PF Flyer

Going out with the bros and sick of wearing the same boots as everyone else? Go ahead and cop yourself a pair of the OG PF Flyers, the Sandlot Center Hi, which have attitude thanks to the all-black scheme, which make them versatile to wear with any dark jean or black khaki.



Made In The USA Center Hi

PF Flyers

Easily one of the most handsome sneakers ever created. The nutmeg suede on the Made In The USA Center Hi dates back to the classic basketball courts of the 1960’s, blending retro styling with modern comfort. Embellishes include corded leather laces, hand-stamped tongue branding, a cognac leather heal counter and debossed leather ankle patch give this style a bit of rugged charm, looking great with anything you want to wear – Blue jeans, black jeans, khakis… Whatever.

PF Flyer has been manufacturing their Made In The USA collection right here in the US for over 75 years. It’s a premium kick that should make Uncle Sam proud.



The Center Hi


The OG of all basketball sneakers, The PF Flyer Center Hi. Doesn’t get anymore classic than the Godfather that started a hoop sneaker revolution.



Ball and Buck Center Lo

PF Flyer

White and clean. Impress your bros and/or your girlfriend with the pristine Ball and Buck Center Lo PF Flyers. Simplistic in design, these Flyers are agile enough to be worn with a pair of dark jeans, shorts or rolled up khakis for any occasion on your schedule.



All American Hi

PF Flyer

If you don’t want to go with the iconic hi top from The Sandlot, the All American PF Flyer in a baby blue could be the better option for you. Built with the same features as the aforementioned Sandlot Center Hi, the All American gives a little more energy with its bright, yet simple, color, which makes it perfect to pair with a clean pair of khakis in the office.

It’s also available in this beautiful mercury red:



Center Lo Slip On

PF Flyer

Pairing well with some khaki shorts in the spring or summer, the PF Flyer Center Lo Slip On are the ideal sunny weather shoe. Plus, they’re comfortable AF thanks to the signature Posture Foundation insert and a padded collar.




PF Flyer

Want to really stand out from the crowd? Go ahead and be bold by copping yourself the PF Flyer Windjammer, which come in one color only: brown sugar orange. Made from suede, these things go perfectly with a pair of board shorts in the summer.



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