These Revtown Jeans Are The Best $75 I’ve Spent On My Wardrobe Since Senior Prom

Revtown Composite

Brought to you in partnership with Revtown Jeans.

I know I’m not in the minority when I say that the very first thing I do when I walk in the door after work is drop trou and slip into something more comfortable. That something is typically flannel pajama pants I’ve had since George W. was in office and that scream “I’m a giant man baby” and  “sex is off the table for me tonight, babe.”

It’s not that I don’t want to evolve or make love, it’s just that veggin’ out in work pants feels a lot like wearing a poopy diaper. So I sacrifice the possibility of doing the no-pants dance in favor of dressing like a middle-aged woman with eight cats.

That is beginning to change for me, as I have recently acquired two of the most comfortable pairs of jeans these chicken legs have ever felt.

The threads are from a Pittsburgh, PA company called Revtown, a denim company started by former Under Armour employees that has seemingly hit the sweet spot between comfort and style. They’re basically an optical illusion–you feel like you’re wearing your favorite pair of sweatpants and people who look at you think you have a healthy investment portfolio and your own Netflix account. Fake it till you make it, I guess.

Revtown Jeans

The secret sauce is Revtown’s broad selection of top-shelf denim made from premium Italian yarn they call Decade Demin, which features “four-way, dynamic stretch and constructed with the strongest fibers in apparel design today.” They Decade Denim is soft and stretchy but doesn’t lose its form. They feel already broken in but look like they still have the tag on them.

As far as styles and fits, Revtown keeps it simple and sheds all the useless jargon that makes finding jeans you like way harder than it should be. The company offers two fits: Automatic and Sharp.

Automatic are your ride or dies. The jeans you wear casually to bars or a buddy’s house or you slip on when you’re hungover and craving a bacon, egg and cheese sando. Automatics are versatile and reliable. Old faithful.

These are the Automatics in Faded Indigo.

Revtown Denim

Sharps are your You 2.0’s. They are slimmer and more form fitting, performing best when you are trying to make a favorable impression. Think the jeans you’d want to wear on dates or family outings to reassure your parents that you’re doing just fine living on your own.

These are the Sharps in Dark Indigo.


Both cuts are available in multiple different washes, from light to dark, so you can play to the strengths of your shirt and shoes.

Bottom line: For some reason that’s always been lost on me, good jeans are hard to come by. If they don’t hit on style, fit, and, I’d rather not spend the money and rock my pajama pants until I’m six feet under. Revtown’s hit the bullseye on all the essential denim criteria and you don’t have to rummage through clothing racks at the mall and get a shopping-induced panic attack. Best yet, I think my girlfriend may be starting to see me as attractive again.

Wishful thinking.




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