This Pittsburgh-Based Denim Company Is Determined To Transform You Into The Dude She Told You Not To Worry About

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Brought to you in partnership with Revtown Jeans.

Every man has one. One they simply cannot live without. One that has been through the darkest days and the most joyous moments indiscriminately. It takes some people years to find the one, while others perish in the perilous search.

I am proud to announce that at 31 years young, after years of playing the field, I have found my ride or die jeans.

Hold your digital applause, please.

 I am writing to inform you that you too can do the same so as long as you heed my advice and give this Pittsburgh, PA denim company a shot.

Founded by former Under Armour employees, They call themselves Revtown and they pride themselves on their vast selection of superior denim made from premium Italian yarn. I’m not a yarn expert but I can confirm that Revtowns feel like a Bob Ross painting made love to a Snuggie.

That metaphor will only make sense to people who own a pair.

Revtown Jeans

Revtown refused to use my analogy in categorizing their products and opted to call this comfort phenomenon Decade Demin – featuring “four-way, dynamic stretch and constructed with the strongest fibers in apparel design today.”

Revtown also ditches the confusion that plagues shoppers. The company offers two fits: Automatic and Sharp. None of this ‘boot cut,’ ‘loose,’ ‘relaxed’ mumbo jumbo, just two styles that you can shuffle between depending on the occasion.

Automatic: “made to be mobile and fit, but never sloppy.” Your every day, taking the dog for a walk, football with the boys style.

Sharp: Slimmer, more form fitting that perform best in more formal scenarios (ie date-nights or dressing up on Thanksgiving to sit in your living room for 9 hours).

Now I’m the kind of guy who has a good dish at a restaurant and returns to try everything on the damn menu. The proof of concept was confirmed for Revtown. I know they make durable, high quality threads. So naturally, I became hungry for other product offerings.

Check out some of my *FaVz* below.

The Standard Henley. Look at this guy. Havin a ball! That’s a fine lookin’ shirt. too.

The Airspun Pocket Tee. 

The Standard V-Neck

So I guess now there’s only one thing left to do…


Revtown Jeans

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