Slay Like Kenny Powers And Riff Raff In These $12 Polarized Sports Sunglasses With Interchangable Lenses

by 4 months ago

Who the hell wants to wear expensive Costas or Ray Bans when you’re down on the river on a Saturday afternoon, cracking open a couple cold ones with the boys? No matter how many pairs of Croakies you strap around your neck, the risk of losing or breaking your expensive-ass sunglasses is simply to great during a summer day chay.

That’s why I love these $12.99 shades on Amazon. Would you ever see the swagless, gingham shirt-loving metrosexual lames at GQ and Esquire rocking a pair of these? Hell no. These are Bro shades, dammit. They scream “I DRINK MONSTER ENERGY DRINKS AND VODKA AT LAKE HAVASU!” They scream “I OWN A FUCKING JET SKI AND ORDER THE BACON JAM SLIDERS AT TWIN PEAKS!”

These are shades with attitude. Not prissy urban douche shades. Shades that say “I will drink ten thousand beers in my pontoon boat then RKO you outta nowhere like Randy Orton.” They say you DGAFOS like Kenny Motherfucking Powers and keep your eyes shielded from the summer sun. Wear them to a monster car rally, a NASCAR race, SEACRETS Jamaica USA. Wherever such eyewear is more than appropriate.

$12 dollars, bitches. Three types of interchangeable lenses. That’s money well spent to look like the Bro King bastard lovechild of Randy Savage and Riff Raff.

They’re on-sale today for $12. Hurry your ass up and get ’em.

BUY IT NOW: $12.99


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