5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Wants You To Get A Sock Fancy Membership

Sock Fancy

Presented by Sock Fancy – Rock with your sock out… 

As a kid, we know that getting a pair of socks as a gift wasn’t the greatest day in the world. But now that you’re older and your style has gone from baggy jeans to tailored khakis, getting a unique pair of socks is actually welcomed. Well, thanks to a new subscription service called Sock Fancy — which sends new, random pairs of socks every single month to your doorstep for just $11/month — you can have something to look forward to putting on your feet each morning.

But forget the reasons why us BroBible dudes think you should snag a Sock Fancy membership, how about we dive into the five simple reasons why your girlfriend wants you to get a Sock Fancy membership?s

You want to look your best for her, right? Sure you do, and here’s why you should take her advice for some new, unique, dope looking socks each month.

She’s Sick Of You Having Mismatched Socks All The Time

Trust us, we know what it’s like when you seem to always lose a few socks during laundry, leaving you with a bunch of mismatched colors and sizes. You know who hates it more? Your girlfriend. You’re not a teenager anymore who’s forced to go to gym class every day, so ditch the boring ol’ white tube socks, bro.

Your Loafers Aren’t Meant To Be Worn During Wintertime

Loafers are great… in the summer, spring and fall. But when they’re the only thing you’re wearing on your feet, your wardrobe will look more like your grandpa’s at the old folks’ home than a stylish bro. Your girlfriend will enjoy the custom styles that Sock Fancy socks bring to your wardrobe, with the designs going perfectly with all sorts of shoes or boots.

Black And White Aren’t The Only Colors You Should Wear

Johnny Cash did all black right. P Diddy does all white right. You? Not so much. Your girlfriend’s sick of you sticking with the most boring colors on the face of the planet, man, and Sock Fancy socks will let you broaden your horizons on what to wear and how to match your new threads with their unique sock designs.

She’s Sick Of You Wearing The Same Pair Of Sock Three Days In A Row

Look, we’re not afraid to admit that we slip on the same socks a couple days in a row — no matter how nasty that actually was to type. Your girlfriend knows you do the same thing, and she can’t wait till you stop doing it thanks to all the different colors and designs of Sock Fancy socks. Think about how happy (and clean) your feet will be now.

Sock Fancy Socks Will Bring Life To Your Wardrobe

Brown, black and navy blue socks were so 1989, man. These days, it’s about colors, style and swag — and Sock Fancy will give you that and more with every single outfit you wear. A strong sock game can go a long way in making your wardrobe better, and your girlfriend will be happy to be seen with the sharpest dressed man in the bar.

Founded by two lifelong bros who began shipping from their living room ping pong table in 2013, Sock Fancy proves that a simple idea can go a long way. Nowadays, the company has shipped over 500,000 pairs of socks to over 85 countries around the world. Pretty impressive, right?


Sock Fancy

The best part is how easy it is to sign-up, which will make your girlfriend even happier.

  1. Choose your size
  2. Customize which socks you’d prefer–crew, no show, or a mix
  3. Select monthly quantity (1 pair, 2 pairs, 6 pack)
  4. Select plan (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, yearly)

Boom! Just like that, your wardrobe just became trendier, your feet just became happier and, maybe more importantly, you listened to your girlfriend. See, you’ve come a long way from that snot-nosed kid who said getting socks as a gift was the worst thing in the world, huh?


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