This Monthly Sock Subscription Service Has Designs So Dope, You’ll Burn The Ones You’ve Been Wearing Since Middle School

Sock Fancy

Presented by Sock Fancy – Rock with your sock out… 

If someone were to softly whisper the word ‘socks’ into your ear, what emotion would you feel? Nothing. The answer is probably zero emotion. Besides maybe panic due to a psychopath sensually whispering wardrobe essentials into your ear.

Point is, we as a society have failed to evolve our sock game. Odds are you have several pairs of socks in your drawer that have lasted you through four presidential administrations. Hell, I’ve lost six debit cards in the time I’ve had my oldest pair of socks. And they look like the ones you probably have on now–drab, uninspiring, and a hole in the big toe that makes me want to swan dive off a cliff in Big Sur.

Why have we failed to innovate on our foot gloves? When are we finally going to sing their song? They are, after all, the only thing we keep with us during sex.

Welp, the folks at Sock Fancy have answered the call.

Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy is a monthly sock subscription service that, for just $11 a month, delivers a pair of comfortable, durable, dope-looking socks directly to your door.

Sock Fancy

Founded by two lifelong bros who began shipping from their living room ping pong table in 2013, Sock Fancy is now a full blown operation–having shipped over 500,000 pairs of socks to over 85 countries around the world from a 5,000-sq. ft. warehouse and office space in Atlanta.

Upon first glance, Sock Fancy’s outlandish designs leave it vulnerable to the presumption that the socks rely entirely on a gimmick. Understandable, but untrue. All socks are made from high quality cotton blends on a 200-count needle machine ensuring a super comfortable fit that won’t shrink after a few washes.

Sock Fancy

Becoming a member is easy… Just takes a few steps to ensure maximum enjoyment

  1. Choose your size
  2. Customize which socks you’d prefer–crew, no show, or a mix
  3. Select monthly quantity (1 pair, 2 pairs, 6 pack)
  4. Select plan (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, yearly)

Sock Fancy’s multiple subscription options make it an ideal choice for a holiday gift that keeps on giving month after month (Pro Tip: subscription gifts are the best because the person is reminded monthly how awesome you are. Highly recommend… They even have special holiday socks!).

Sock Fancy

So there you have it, bros. A sock service that finally gives these wardrobe staples the proper love and care. Make your feet feel pretty for once.


Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy

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