Instead Of *Just* Giving Socks This Holiday Season, Consider A Monthly Sock Subscription Via Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy

Presented by Sock Fancy – Rock with your sock out… 

Sock Fancy socks aren’t just some really cool things you put on your feet and cover up with shoes or boots, bros, they’re a movement that remind guys everywhere to take a little bit of pride in your style.

And, because the holidays are coming up and we want you to look as sharp as possible, scooping up a Sock Fancy subscription is something that should definitely be on your list. $11 for a fresh pair of socks delivered is a deal. Plus, it’s a gift that will keep your friends and family on their toes, pun intended.

Here’s why giving the gift of a Sock Fancy subscription rules.

The Element Of Surprise 

The bright colors of Sock Fancy socks become an instant favorite in an otherwise bland sock drawer. We all love to reach for the pair of socks that meet our personality, especially in life’s important moments.

It’s An Excuse To Get Rid Of Old Socks

Ever get ragged for having too many hole-y socks? New socks means a chance to make space by trashing the gross, brown ones that used to be white. New year, new you — Out with the old, in with a significant upgrade for your feet.

You Can Never Have Too Many Socks

You know what sucks? Doing laundry when all you need is a clean pair of socks. More socks = more options. It’s simply impossible to have too many socks, especially if you hate laundry day with a fury of a thousand suns.

Socks Are A Gift That Shows You Care

Yes, there are many dusty cliches about giving socks to the person who has everything. But, when you really think about it, it’s one of the most thoughtful presents you can give. Socks aren’t like giving someone a watch they’ll never wear, or a cheese plate they’ll use only once or twice when company comes over. Socks are a surprisingly intimate gift. A simple, yet thoughtful, gesture that we give to the people we’re closest to.

Even though it’s a small gesture, giving socks to someone is a symbolic gesture, showing that, yes, you care about them in a big way.


Sock Fancy

Since you’re on the hunt for some killer new socks, don’t forget to tell your family just how easy it is to actually get a membership. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Choose your size
  2. Customize which socks you’d prefer–crew, no show, or a mix
  3. Select monthly quantity (1 pair, 2 pairs, 6 pack)
  4. Select plan (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, yearly)

Look, your family might look at you a little bit strange for legitimately adding socks to your wish list this year, but when you show them the options that Sock Fancy offers, they’ll understand. And when you demand those same family members get creative with how they give them to you, oh, this holiday season will be interesting.


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