Steal This Look: Fort Collins

STL Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado, is an hour car ride from Denver.

Nicknamed FoCo, the city has a burgeoning art scene and streets that look like movie lots.

Forbes named it one of the 14 best places to visit in 2019.

If you’re planning a trip to Colorado, make a stop in FoCo. I’ll be right behind you.

Overshirt from Flint and Tinder

[1] Overshirt from Flint & Tinder

WHY I LIKE THIS SHIRT: This shirt is warm enough for cool summer nights but light enough to wear unbuttoned over a tee during the day. It’s versatile, which is good because I’m awful at dressing for the weather. I’m the guy with shorts on in 40 degrees and a sweater on an 80-degree afternoon.

Crusier Short From Wellen

[2] Cruiser Short from Wellen

WHY I LIKE THESE SHORTS: It might sound old man-like, but I’m becoming a sucker for elastic waistbands, mostly because I’m not exactly a 31 waist but also not a 32. I’m sometimes one or the other. The waistband changes with my eating and exercise habits.

Olukai shoes Nohea Moku

[3] Olukai Nohea Moku Sneakers

WHY I LIKE THESE SNEAKERS: They’re fun to pronounce. Nokea moku! Just be careful yelling it out. It means handsome. You don’t want to give people the wrong idea. Or maybe you do.

Paloma in Bourbon from Christopher Cloos

[4] Paloma Bourbon from Christopher Cloos

WHY I LIKE THESE SUNGLASSES: They’re well-made, look awesome, and have the word bourbon in the name. Sold.

Hershel Camo Backpack

[5] Herschel Thompson Tonal Camo Backpack

WHY I LIKE THIS BACKPACK: This backpack from Herschel Thompson has a ton of hidden pockets, enough room for all my books, all my pocket notebooks, pens, and laptop and has dual water bottle slots. I’m a thirsty fella.

Hidden History of Fort Collins

[6] Hidden History of Fort Collins

WHY I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK: It’s smart to learn about a place before you show up. You’ll feel less touristy, even though you’ll look the part.


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