Someone Created A Pair Of Sunglasses That Are Impossible To Lose And They Only Cost $39

by 2 years ago

At this stage in my life, I refuse to wear expensive sunglasses just because I know there’s an 85% chance I won’t come home with them. Spending big bucks on sunglasses seems foolish when you’re probably just going to leave them at a baseball game or in the backseat of an Uber while making the round at beach bars. That’s why I’m all about the cheapo, $12 Kenny Powers-style glasses with interchangeable lenses this summer. You look like a rockstar and don’t have to worry about throwing you money away when you inevitably lose them.

The MagLock Sunglasses have a nifty feature to keep you from never losing a pair of shades again. There are two magnets in the frames that attract to each other and/or any other magnetic surface. You can clip them to your shirt and you’re pretty much good to go until you pull them off.


Total game changer if you hate losing sunglasses and they look great. Grab the MagLocks over on Kickstarter, where over 1000 people have backed the project.

BUY NOW: $39


BUY NOW: $39