MUST OWN: Winter Hats Inspired By The 1980 ‘Miracle On Ice’ Team And The 1976 USA Hockey Team


Streaker Sports

Oh. Man. It’s rare that I am torn over what to buy, but I cannot decide between these two hats. On one had, you have the 1980 men’s USA hockey team that is as historic as it gets (those dudes were mother f’n world beaters) and then you have the 1976 team that wasn’t as decorated, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t have one of the sweetest logos ever. So yeah, our bros at Streaker Sports have us torn on these hats. So, very, very torn.


1976 Team USA Hockey Knit Hat

The 1976 men’s USA hockey team will not be remembered for what they accomplished on the ice (it wasn’t much, to be honest) but you can’t deny how impossibly cool the eagle USA logo from their jerseys was. That alone, plus the awesome stars all over and stripes pattern, makes this knit hat a must wear this winter.  Buy Here


1980 Team USA Hockey Miracle On Ice Knit Hat

The 1980 men’s USA hockey team did something so spectacular — improbably winning only the second gold medal in USA hockey history — that people are still talking about their triumph 28 years later.  Now you can wear this “Miracle on Ice” inspired hat this winter.   Buy Here


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