TRDLNYK Makes Stylish Men’s Turtlenecks That Are Insanely Comfortable

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TRDLNYK (pronounced truh-dell-nick) isn’t just a turtleneck shirt, it’s a revival. TRDLNYK is the evolution of turtleneck shirts, combining modern style and the turtleneck’s trademark collar. Thanks to TRDLNYK you don’t have to be Steve Jobs, Drake, or Dwayne The Rock Johnson to rock a turtleneck and look damn good doing it.

The bros behind TRDLNYK noticed two things:

  1. There seems to be a stigma around guys wearing turtlenecks.
  2. Since men’s turtlenecks aren’t a headlining trend from New York Fashion Week, no one is making high-quality turtlenecks with modern style characteristics.

So, they said “fuck you, stigma” and created a line of high-quality turtleneck shirts that meet the modern fit and style demands of guys living in 2018.



best mens turtleneck shirts TRDLNYK

If you’re looking for a turtleneck in 2018, you’re likely to find yourself sifting through a collection of wool-sweater style shirts or inventory leftover from 1999 (and not in a good way). With that in mind, TRDLNYK prioritized material and fit when designing their turtlenecks.

Instead of wool, the bros at TRDLNYK opted for an insanely soft blend of rayon, cotton, modal and spandex. This blend creates a material that can stretch but also clings to the body, creating a naturally sleek and modern fit. In addition to an innovative blend material that helps with fit, TRDLNYK ditched the traditional cuff waist in favor of a drop cut. Personally, this is lowkey my favorite part of their design – the drop cut eliminates any chance of a boxy look and creates a more tailored looking fit, regardless of body shape or type.

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While the drop cut design may be my favorite thing about TRDLNYK, my second favorite characteristic is probably the contrasting collar color. This subtle but stylish design makes their turtleneck shirt insanely versatile so it can be work in different ways and as different outfits. With a simple fold of the collar, a shirt becomes a contrasting two-tone shirt from a basic single-color base shirt.

You have three style options with one shirt:

mens turtleneck styles

turtlenecks for men

It’s that easy to change how you want to wear the shirt.

Not only is the look incredibly versatile, TRDLNYK designed the shirt to wear well across multiple seasons and climates. The TRDLNYK turtleneck is great as a base layer in the winter but its material is incredibly breathable, so it’s a great option for any Fall and Spring day. All-in-all, making the most versatile style and performance shirt I’ve ever seen.

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The guys at TRDLNYK decided to hook up BroBible readers with a secret perk package. Check out TRDLNYK through BroBible and you’ll get select access to The Brobible Exclusive Perk. This secret perk not only saves you 31% off the price of a shirt but BroBible readers also get first dibs on some additional color options.

For $60, The Brobible Exclusive Perk lets you choose from a black t-neck shirt with blue collar, a dusk t-neck shirt with blue collar, a brown t-neck shirt with mocha collar (BroBible exclusive), or a black t-neck shirt with dark grey collar (BroBible exclusive). To compare, that’s $6 off the normal perk package and access to two additional color options.

TRDLNYK launched on Indiegogo in late November and has since shattered its goal of $8,500 by raising nearly $21,000 with a week to go. With 247% of the original goal raised, TRDLNYK is expected to have the first run of turtlenecks out to customers next month.


Adding a TRDLNYK shirt to your wardrobe makes your style just a little more unique without doing anything crazy. Stand out, stay stylish, and say “fuck you, turtleneck stigma” with a TRDLNYK shirt.

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