Where Does This $42M Mansion Owned By Chris Bosh Rank Among The Most Baller Homes Of All-Time?

chris bosh mansion selling 42 million miami

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  • The giant mansion in Miami Beach that was just sold by NBA star Chris Bosh is back on the market with a price tag of $42 million.
  • Take a look inside at the changes in the luxurious 11,709 square foot mansion Bosh paid $12.33 million for back in 2010.
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$42 MILLION. Forty. Two. Million… Dollars. That’s what the new owners of the home of former NBA star Chris Bosh are asking for this insanely luxurious 11,709 square foot mansion on the waters of Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach.

How much money did Chris Bosh earn in his NBA career anyway? $239 million?! Dang. For 14 years of playing basketball? Nice work if you can get it. But I digress.

Homebuilding company AquaBlue Group is selling Bosh’s mansion for $42 million after just purchasing it from him for $14.43 million earlier this year.

If they can get that price, Chris Bosh is going to be kicking himself. Then again, Bosh did turn a small $2.1 million profit since he paid $12.33 million for the property in 2010.

Apparently, these developers spent the last several months remodeling the entire place, thus the $27-plus million rise in the home’s price.

Still seems like a big jump, but maybe not. Let’s see what $42 mill, or $3,587 per square foot, gets you these days in Miami Beach.

According to the home’s listing on Realtor.com

Stunning sunsets, prestigious North Bay Rd modern waterfront home by the AquaBlue Group. Unique architectural concept by Touzet Studio, featuring a massive, one-of-a-kind, double-height great room. Immersed in glass, living areas offer captivating views of garden and Bay. The residence is comprised of 7 Bedrooms, 8 bathrooms. Custom Italian expansive kitchen and chefs kitchen. Bespoke crafted, luxurious, Italian millwork throughout the home. Grand master suite w direct bay views and morning kitchen. Lavish master bathroom and closets. Detached outdoor kitchen and cabana bathroom. Separate guest quarter w garden and water views. Lush landscaping w mature trees, welcoming green wall, and gardens. Fully automated smart home. Commercial-grade elevator. Curated w custom, branded Italian furniture included.

Before you decide if you want to buy Chris Bosh’s old palace, check out the tour of the home that was just posted to YouTube last week.

Here’s what it looked like three years ago when Chris Bosh was still trying to sell it for $15.95 million.

Still interested? All it will cost you is about $180,584 a month in mortgage payments, assuming you can make the $8.4 million down payment, of course.

Should have snagged it when it was just $14.5 mill. Oh well.

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