Here’s How Much Real Estate $1 Million Will Buy You In Countries Around The World

by 10 months ago
How Much Real Estate Million Will Buy


A million dollars. It sounds like a lot of money. And it is. Unless you are thinking about purchasing some prime property in some of the largest markets in the world, that is.

At least based on the numbers put forth by The 2018 Wealth Report from London-based Knight Frank, the largest real estate consultancy firm in the world.

Here’s some of what they discovered this year when it comes to how much real estate you can get for $1 million today…

• In Monaco, the most expensive location to purchase real estate, $1 million will get you about 172 square feet of closet space, I mean home.

• The same amount will score you a much more roomy 517 square feet in Sydney.

• In Berlin, a million bucks will land you around 828 square feet.

How Much Real Estate Million Buy


• In Hong Kong, however, that same million dollars will get you only 236 square feet.

• New York City isn’t much better, as your mill will get you 270 square feet or just enough room to hang up your coat.

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