You Can Make More Money As An In-N-Out Burger Store Manager Than As A Lawyer

There’s a very good reason why West Coasters enthusiastically chat up In-N-Out Burger: It’s easily the best no-frills burger chain on the planet, despite what the polling data might say about it’s more expensive East Coast-born equivalent, Five Guys. Two double-double, Animal-style combos for less than $17? Heaven between two buns.

One of the things that makes In-N-Out so perfect is the in-store environment itself. People are happy to work there, mostly because the chain insists on paying a higher-than-average wage for a burger joint. In fact, if you’re a store manager, you can earn well into the six-figure territory: Delish cites a 2012 article from the Orange Country Register: “The average salary for an In-N-Out manager was over $120,000, compared to an industry average of around $48,000.”

Thrillist notes this is more than lawyers, who earned a median salary of $115,820 and rack up a ton in student debit.

So… Why are you going to law school again when you could be slinging cheeseburgers all day and living your best life?

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