Personal Finance And Business Books To Read During These Unprecedented Times

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By Nick Ellis, Editor at The Water Coolest

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Aahh summer, the time for throwing back some crispy bois with the lads, chasing tail, and… reading books? 

Freeze frame. One of these things is not like the other. But if you’ve made it this far, then congratulations, you are demonstrating your ability to comprehend the written word. So might as well put your newfound skill to use and dive deep between the covers… of a piece of literature that focuses on business, finance, or just about anything we find interesting…

1. Economics in the age of COVID-19, by Joshua Gans
Of course we have to kick off the list with this. Because instead of reading on the beach to show the ladies you’re more than just a Claw rushing standout with great flow, you’re stuck inside social distancing and missing the homies.

2. Why didn’t they teach me this in School? by Cary Siegel.
Author Cary Siegel walks through 99 personal money management principles to incorporate in your life, helping readers ‘manage their money so it doesn’t manage them’. JG Wentworth is shaking in its boots.

3. Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction, by David Enrich.
Two topics that people have very strong opinions on, DB (which is obvi not a BB), and The Donald. The book dives into business deals done between el Presidente and Deutsche. Strap your MAGA caps on and dive in.

4. Whatever Works: The Small Cues That Make a Surprising Difference in Our Success at Work—and How to Create a Happier Office, by Thalma Lobel.
Are you dissatisfied after a long day of not maximizing your potential? Thousands of readers simultaneously scream ‘yes’ at their computers. This book will dive behind the obvious aspects of your job, like title and salary, and look at the smaller details from a psychological perspective that may help you be happier and more satisfied during your 9-5 and after clocking out for the day.

5. Wait, I’m the Boss?!? The Essential Guide for New Managers to Succeed from Day One, by Peter Economy.
Clearly, Peter should be next in line after Jerome Powell for Chairman of the Fed. This book dives into how to lead organizational change, inspire others, and hire great employees. Because, as we all know from The Office, that being the boss is….well, boss.

6. The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream, by Heather Cabot.
Remember in college when you discretely tried growing weed plants in the closet of the frat house common room? Yeah, times have changed. This book discusses how marijuana went from a once frowned upon drug to a multi-million dollar legitimate industry.

7. Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring down the most wanted man on Wall Street, by Sheelah Kolhatkar
The book depicts one of Wall Street’s most infamous traders, Steven Cohen, throughout his comeup and the investigations into his ALLEGED insider trading activities with SAC Capital. Weird how he managed to rake in annual returns of 30% or more consistently for two decades and yet the Mets still didn’t want him as an owner. WHAT A PATHETIC LOSER!

8. The Banker’s Wife, by Cristina Alger
A real page-turner, focusing on a couple that lives abroad in the Mecca of ‘shady’ global banking, Switzerland. The husband works at an offshore bank, and suddenly disappears and dies. The wife eventually teams up with a journalist in the states to unearth information that would implicate the most powerful men in finance. Mystery thriller and fiction, because obviously this kind of stuff would never happen IRL.

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