A Lesson For Bullies: Stop Picking Fights With People Bigger Than You

by 5 years ago

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Bully revenge videos might be my favorite genre of fight video. You’re not just rooting for this poor kid who is getting picked on, you’re rooting for everyone who has ever had their life made miserable by a bully. Much like hitting a walk-off homerun, I’m sure we’ve all fantasized about kicking the ass of someone who made our life shitty. This kid is the closest thing to a superhero we will ever know, and we get to relish in his success.

The video’s a bit long, but it’s worth it for the reactions of the crowd alone. The kids yelling their Instagram and Twitter handles to the camera is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. We are all brands, and I suppose you gotta take advantage of every marketing opportunity. I also look forward to using the phrase, “this is going on the Book, dead ass.” For those of you not in the know: The Book = Facebook. Dead Ass = I’m dead serious.

Is there a more badass move in the schoolyard fight game than not even removing your backpack? If there is, I haven’t seen it. He’s also just straight up indestructible. He barely even blinks as he takes punches to the face from Skinny Bully. They’re a minor inconvenience to him, like a pistol shooting at Godzilla.

Bullies need to get back to their bread and butter – picking on those smaller than them. That’s the whole point of bullying! You have low self-esteem, so pick easy targets to torment to give yourself the illusion that you’re happy with yourself. When you go after dudes like this kid, you’re getting in way over your head, and you end up getting thrown around by the throat like some disobedient dog.

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