This ‘Everything Wrong With ‘Days of Thunder” Video Doesn’t Take Into Account That NOTHING IS WRONG with ‘Days of Thunder’

By 03.13.14


You don’t have to be able to handle lactose to know how good the cheese in 80s movies is — or that line I just wrote, because it’s pure cheese and I’ll issue a formal apology later. That’s what the 80s were. Fucking cheese EVERYWHERE. That’s what made movies back then so great. Whether it’s Cole Trickle entering a scene the moment his character is mentioned, clad in leather and on a motorcycle (douche-chills, anyone?), or Sly Stallone wearing leather driving gloves, rocking sunglasses indoors, using a match as a toothpick and telling a criminal “you’re a disease and i’m the cure” right before blowing him the fuck away all in the same scene (4-hour erection, anyone?)…80s movies are not shit, they’re THE SHIT. So stop nitpicking these masterpieces of my childhood.

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