Get Yoked in Only 12 Minutes with An App, Plus 10 Things We Want

By 09.07.13

Hoop Tracker, $199

Hoop Tracker calls itself the “world's first basketball watch to analyze and record real-time shooting percentages.” It tracks your accuracy, field-goal percentage, and range, then will upload the data to software, which “provide in-depth analysis of shooting percentages.” Basically, it turns you into a basketball-playing Robocop. Launching Fall of 2014.

Deck by Sol Republic, $199

A wireless speaker that provides “360 sound,” Deck is notable for its unreal “Heist Mode” feature: Up to five people can control the music at one time, switching songs and eventually driving you to murder your “funny” friend who keeps playing Rick Astley.

Acrobatic Maneuvers Series, $20

This is a 10%-er buy. Meaning: 90% of people won't figure out who the hell is artistically represented up there.

But for the 10%? You've already bought the prints.

My Dignity, $TBD

Work party got a little out of hand last night. I'm currently being (rightfully) harrassed by the sales team on Twitter. If anyone can help with finding my dignity, please drop me a line. Thanks.


Angry Orchard Apple Cider, Various

It's Fall, motherfuckers. You can kind of get away with drinking apple cider now. Angry Orchard is a growing hard cider brand that brews a tasty beverage, with just enough ABV to justify the not-exactly Hemingway-esque drink.

12-Minute Athlete, $Free

Perfect for days when you can't make it into the gym, but still want to do some sort of high-impact exercise to work off last night's Chipotle: The 12 Minute Athlete App provides you with individualized workouts that can be completed in only 12 minutes, with “minimal workout equipment.” Over 185 exercises included.

Aston Martin DBC Concept, $TBA

You can't buy it—yet—but the Aston Martin DBC Concept car is still undoubtedly kickass: A sleek, modern ride featuring Aston Martin's trademark front grill shape and a side design reminiscent of the classic lines of the car's previous editions. I could really see myself settling down with this beauty. Buying it a house. Working hard for it. Treating it right, you know?

Qualcomm Smartwatch, $TBD

Able to play music and handle both phone calls and text messages, Qualcomm's “smartwatch” is one of the first watches that genuinely will make you think you're living in the future. It released in the fourth quarter of this year with a reported $300 price tag.

Foursum, $Free

Foursum is a pretty cool app works as a golf Foursquare. It tracks your shots, gives you achievements (hit it in the water four times in one round, nice job!), and allows you to compare scores and courses played with your friends spread all over the world. Social golf is here.

Sony Xperia Z1, $TBA

Hypebeast has the details on Sony's new phone, unveiled this week:

Built using the very same components as Sony’s compact digital cameras, the Xperia Z1 is notable for its combination of a large 1/2.3” 20.7MP Exmor RS mobile image sensor, award-winning G Lens and BIONZ image processing engine – all included in a sleek waterproof and dust-resistant package. In addition to its powerful camera, the new smartphone features Sony’s latest BRAVIA mobile technology in the form of a 5” Full HD TRILUMINOS Display which boasts an impressive 441 pixels per inch, a broader range of colors than your prototypical mobile display, and even super resolution X-Reality for the sharpest images possible.


Might we be looking at an iPhone killer?

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