David Lynch once directed a bunch of PS2 commercials?

By 01.17.13

It’s true; the man who gave us Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, and Mulholland Drive once directed a bunch of ads for the PS2. And, surprise: they’re weird as hell.

Believe it or not, the PS2 has been making headlines as of late. Why? Because Sony has decided to finally stop making them. Yes, they were still pumping them out, til recently, 13 years after its debut. Which might explain why it’s the best selling console ever (with over 153 million sold).

At any rate, it’s been a chance for many to look back at all the fun times the console has given us. And one way has been all the awesome commercials for the aforementioned awesome games. But instead of following suit, how about we concentrate on the weird ones?

And conveniently enough, they’re all directed by one guy: David Lynch. The following were all for Europe, where the marketing there is kind of strange to being with (a fact that regularly comes up).

The first one is very reminiscent of Twin Peaks. It too stars a guy in a suit, walking down a dream-like corridor (a la the Black Lodge). Except, instead of a midget that dances, you have a talking duck…

Next is basically what happens when Lynch directs a cartoon. The basic take away here is how he should do it more often…

Third up is something that’s fairly benign, especially when compared with the rest. Though one popular theory is the commercial above is what the dog is dreaming…

Again, something on four legs is the star of the show…

What better way to sell your console than a blind eskimo?

Or how about a stylish Asian man that’s auditioning for a part, but is being difficult?

And I don’t even know about this one…

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