Incredimail: Turn your email into a magazine

By 03.13.13

Currently, there’s a lot of innovation in email apps right now. For phones, for example, there’s Mailbox, easily one of the best apps out there for checking your email on the go. But what about tablets?



Tablets have Incredimail.

Incredimail is pretty cleverly designed to be a visual email browser. Essentially it puts up to eight emails on a screen. Any photos included are up top under the subject line, and reading is as simple as scrolling the email within the window, and you can also quickly reply, delete, and archive in that window.

Done with the eight emails? Flip the page and you’ve got more. And, of course, you can tap a message to open it in the wider window.

Using the app, I was taken with just how easy it is to actually check your email, and how the individual windows really helped you to quickly sort out what was actually important and what could be chucked in the garbage. If you get a lot of email, or just want something to make reading it easier, Incredimail is on iPad now.

Incredimail [Official Site]

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