Jim Beam & Jackie Chiles sue the bears on behalf of bees

by 4 years ago

Jackie Chiles, the lawyer from Seinfeld is suing the bears. No, not mediocre Chicago football team. He’s suing actual bears for stealing bees’ honey and destroying their hives. While the lawsuit is clearly frivolous, it’s great to see Jackie Chiles back in action since he retired from Funny or Die. All it took was a clever new marketing campaign for Jim Beam Honey.

While the ad is funny and will likely sell a lot of surprisingly popular honey whiskey, there is an actual “save the bees” aspect to the campaign. Beam is donating $100 to bee conservation for every tweet using the hashtag #suethebears. It’s capped at $25,000, so don’t go out creating a ton of parody accounts just because you love bees. It seems like they should have gone with $10 or even $1 per tweet if it’s only up to $25,000, but maybe they don’t trust people to dick around on Twitter enough to extract the full value for Pollinator Partnership.

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