Minor Leaguer ejected from game, loses his mind, protests by sliding into home

by 3 years ago

Quintin Berry

Minor league baseball continues to provide the very best meltdowns, the very best of people losing their mind and doing insane things. Last night, a minor leaguer named Quintin Berry was ejected for arguing with an ump. Upon exiting, Berry ran the bases and slid into home. He’s an adult, clearly.

“I ain’t never seen that in my life,” said Syracuse left fielder Destin Hood. “I didn’t know what happened. Then I saw him chirping and I was like, he’s just trying to be funny.”

See, you guys, here’s the thing: athletes aren’t funny. Like Evan Mathis’ ROSHAMBO thing this morning. Not funny. I didn’t laugh once. Stick to sports guys, leave the comedy to us professionals.

(via Bob’s Blitz)

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