This CrossFit FAIL reminds me why I slept in, didn’t exercise, didn’t break my a$$

by 3 years ago

(not) Without fail, every week we see some CrossFit athlete filming themselves to post to YouTube in hopes of showing everyone how awesome they are, only to end up hurting themselves in some hilarious manor.

We’re a bit overzealous in our cataloguing of CrossFit FAILs here on Guyism, for instance:

This CrossFit Fail compilation will bring a smile to your face

This Crossfit gym might actually kill someone

GIFterpiece Theatre: Woman almost beheads herself doing Crossfit routine

Yet somehow with overwhelming evidence that if you participate in CrossFit YOU. WILL. GET. HURT….people continue to film themselves, hurt themselves, then put it on the Internet for our viewing pleasure? God bless America.

Here’s our heroine remixed with “Turn Down For What.”


And how about “Stupid Girl.”


SOURCE: TheBigLead

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