The 7 Dumbest Ways to Get High

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Unfortunately, slurping codeine is just the tip of the shitberg. People all over the world are finding new and exciting ways to ruin their lives. I proudly present the 7 Dumbest Ways To Get High.

7. Bath Salts
Active Ingredients: Synthetic Cathinodes, an amphetamine-like stimulant.

Effects: face eating, Late-night talk show hosts joking about face eating, absurd Navy propaganda videos.

Why it’s dumb: Bath salts are so 2012! Why don’t you touch some kids at Penn State and campaign for Romney while we’re at it? Get with the times, Zombie-Grandpa.

6. Krokodil
Active Ingredients: Homemade Desomorphine, heroin’s weird uncle.


Why it’s dumb: Will McAvoy had it right, we’re not number one anymore. This Russian-born opiate numbs you to the point that you don’t mind the flesh eating. It’s ravaging Eastern Europe. If you’re looking for a good reason to throw up, check this documentary.

5. Jenkem

Active Ingredients: Fermented human shit (at least it’s organic…)

Effects: “With glue, I just hear voices in my head. But with Jenkem, I see visions. I see my mother who is dead.” –Zambian Jenkem user, UNICEF Report, 1998/ my High School yearbook quote.

Why it’s dumb: A favorite amongst African street children. What did you expect? Dom Perignon? Not sure if Jenkem is real or not, but I do know that sniffing up your own doodie fumes is just plain silly.

4. iDosing
Active Ingredients: Sick beats (whale noises; Enya)

Effects: Whatever you’re convincing yourself you’re feeling

Why it’s dumb: Listening to binaural beats cannot get you high. “Against All Odds” made me cry once, but I told you that in confidence!

3. Boofing
Active Ingredients: Vodka and your butt

Effects: Super drunk, shame, questions about sexual orientation

Why it’s dumb: First it was a big deal in porn, now you can’t go to a simple dinner party without some kind of assplay. I’ve done my fair share of keg stands and shot gunning, but they’ve all been through my mouth. You know how I know you’re gay?

2. Toad Licking
Active Ingredients: Psychoactive toxins of Colorado River Toad.

Effects: I don’t know. Probably euphoria and salmonella. Warts.

Why it’s dumb: I’ve licked a lot of things to get high that I said I wouldn’t and a toad ain’t one of them, hombre. This one is probably just an urban legend, but it’s dumb enough to make the list. There are easier ways to forget your problems. Most of them are in your Mom’s nightstand. 

1. Salvia
Active Ingredients: fake weed

Effects: A 5-minute visit to the Ninth layer of hell while your friends film you with their iPhones.

Why it’s dumb: I know what you’re thinking. Compared to the skin-melting Russian heroin, Salvia is as harmful as Ryan Seacrest. Wrong! The aforementioned drugs are at least pleasurable to the user. When has anyone had a good Salvia trip? There is nothing cool about the feeling of five thousand spiders burrowing into your skin while you a hologram of your Dad mocks you for missing that foul shot in the Division Championship.

Have any other weird ways to get wasted? I hope you don’t. Leave your thoughts and pro-Salvia rants in the Comments section!!

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