Bro Puts Cheating Girlfriend On Blast By Dripping Himself In BAPE For Christmas

by 10 months ago


Love it when our readers send us gems like this. Absolutely love it. One, it makes our job easier and two, it gives you guys a chance to see something you can’t see on any other website. Boom — Two birds, one stone.

BAPE is all the rage these days, so this kid decided to spend the $300 he allocated for his girlfriend’s Christmas presents on himself. Turns out $300 can swag you out in a lot of BAPE, resulting in the following pic where he puts his cheating girlfriend on blast, along with her fellow male suitors.

Speaking of two birds, one stone — Some free advice: A BAPE outfit like that is going to make for the world’s most ridiculous Tinder profile pic. This bro barely has to lift a finger now.



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