Today in More Great Science News, Going to Bars Is Good For You

By 01.14.14

You would think that would be enough for SCIENCE™ for the week, but no. SCIENCE™ wants to make you even happier. By telling you that going to bars and hanging with your buddies is good for your mental health. Via The Scotsman:

The study revealed that men drinking with friends in the pub reported positive effects on their mental wellbeing, allowing them to open up and talk about their emotions – traditionally a masculine ­taboo in Scotland.

Sharing a round of drinks also helped them look out for each other and lift their spirits, according to research in the West of Scotland

So there you have it. Bars are a safe zone for you to express your feels. But it's only good for you if you express them. No sitting stoic and bottling in your man fears. Let the beer tears fly. You'll be better in the long run. 

There's also the cautionary section of the study which warns that going to bars a lot leads to more drinking, which is bad for you, but we can skip that part for now. 

[Friends in bar via Shutterstock]


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