The Battle For Worst In Westeros: Joffrey Vs. Ramsay, Who Sits On The Iron Throne Of Evil?

By 12.28.15

Ramsay vs. Joffrey, who ya got? Personally my pick is Ramsay. Dude chopped off Theon’s dick and tortured him into becoming a sniveling shell of his former self. That’s some dedication to being an evil brainwashing fuck right there! Joffrey? Not so much. Dude was a douche to Sansa and sure, he killed a hooker with a cross bow but that’s nowhere near as bad as Ramsay. Plus, Ramsay is an adult – he should know better. Joffrey was what, 14? 12? There’s a slim (“slim” meaning around .0003%) chance that he would’ve outgrown his sociopathic tendencies when he got older, whereas we know Ramsay grew up to be fucked in the head.

Ramsay: 1

Joffrey: 0

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