Aaron Paul once did shots with Michael Jackson at a Prince of Brunei birthday party

We’re not sure if Aaron Paul actually did drink champagne all day long before the Golden Globes yesterday as he claimed he would, but even if he did it pales in comparison to his story about doing shots with Michael Jackson at the Prince of Brunei’s 25th birthday. (That’s what he said he was going to do all day yesterday, “I’ll have champagne with my breakfast and then just continue with the champagne throughout the day.”)

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As for this insane story about Jacko, Paul and the Prince, he tells Details magazine in a new interview…

“It was the Prince of Brunei’s 25th-birthday party,” he says. “Six years ago, outside London.”

He was there as the guest of a guest. How does one get that invite? And who does he know that is friends with a prince?

Over the course of the weekend, Paul also broke one of the prince’s hovercraft. “Nobody else was riding them,” he says, “but if I have a chance to hovercraft around a castle, I’m going to hovercraft around a castle.”

As one should.

The height of the weekend’s surreality, however, happened indoors. “I was going back up to my room,” says Paul, squinting under the Spanish sun, “and this guy grabs me and says, ‘Hey, Prince Azim wants to see you in the library.’ So I go down there, and he’s sitting on the couch with Michael Jackson, and me and Michael Jackson end up having this hour-long heart-to-heart about family and upbringings, and I remember, he just put his arm around my shoulder and said, ‘You know, if you’ve had a rough childhood or not, it’s all about forgiveness. Once you realize that, it’s fine. Everything’s fine.'” Paul pauses, finds a shady spot beneath a tenth-century tower. “And I’m like, ‘Michael, you are absolutely right.’ And then I go, ‘Do you want to do a shot?’ And he goes, ‘Sure!’ And I was like, ‘Okay, Michael, let’s do this.'”

Wait, what? How did this all happen? Was Aaron Paul even famous six years ago? Breaking Bad wasn’t even popular then. What a charmed life this guy has led since 2007. Caught a nice break with the HBO show Big Love, then got to kill it with Cranston on the best show ever, drink with MJ, and break a prince’s hovercraft? He should just retire right now. His future life can’t possibly get any better than it’s been the last five or six years.


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