Agent Provocateur created perhaps the sexiest video of 2013

The fact that Agent Provocateur made one of the sexiest videos of 2013 should come as a surprise to no one. It was simply just a matter of time. If you happened to have seen our list of 15 of the hottest Agent Provocateur lingerie videos of all time you know exactly why. It’s just what Agent Provocateur does. This particular 6-plus minute video (yes, over 6 minutes) was directed by Penelope Cruz and stars Irina Shayk, Javier Bardem, and about 30 or 40 sexy half-naked models, in what can pretty much be described as the greatest brothel in the history of the entire universe (which naturally makes this probably not the safest thing for you watch at work, but perhaps the greatest thing you will watch at home all year).

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Photo credit: YouTube/Agent Provocateur