Amanda Bynes once again a Twitter must-follow as she shares bikini butt photos


Now this is starting to be what I would call signs of real progress in Amanda Bynes recovery: posting a couple of sweet butt pics in a bikini to Twitter. Did I mention this is a wonderful Monday?

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Apparently Amanda is on Spring Break from her fashion design schooling celebrating her 28th birthday so naturally she headed to Cabo San Lucas for a little bikini time.

“Spring break. Spring break. Spring break fo’ever.”


And homegirl hasn’t completely forgotten her fans, as you can see, saying thanks for the birthday wishes with ass shot #2.


I think this guy speaks for all of us when it comes to Amanda posting bikini pics to Twitter once again…


WWE screenshot

That or he’s just as stunned as we are that Brock Lesnar of all people ended The Undertaker’s streak. One of those things…

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