Ashley Benson has no idea that Amanda Bynes is actually crazy

Ashley Benson, who we love from Spring Breakers and Pretty Little Liars, is a bit out of the loop when it comes to the latest Amanda Bynes news as she posted a picture on Instagram poking fun at the troubled star. It’s actually a pretty good likeness.

Ashley Benson, Instagram

Unfortunately for Ashley, Amanda’s fans (and those with nothing better to do) ripped her for being insensitive. Funny thing is, according to Ashley, she wasn’t being insensitive, she just had zero clue that Amanda had been locked up on a psychiatric hold after building a fire in a stranger’s driveway (among other things).

Said one of Ashley’s followers, “Shame on your for bullying someone who is mentally ill.”


Eh, don’t sweat it, Ashley. The worst thing that could come out of all this is Amanda deciding to call you ugly on Twitter when/if she finally gets released.