Ashley Benson naked pictures hit the Web, but are they real?

Some naked photos of Ashley Benson of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ hit the Internet today. Now we just have to figure out if they’re real. I’ll let you be the judge.

Benson once said she wasn’t too keen on getting naked on film, but when it comes to getting naked on the beach, assuming the photos are real, she might not be quite so conservative.

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Of course, as I’m sure you know, I can’t show you the photos in question, but I can tell you that to me, they look pretty real. However there is quite a debate going on in the forum in which the photos appear.

In the pics, Benson is on the beach with her co-star Shay Mitchell, and as one commenter pointed out (with a link) the photos are actually for sale on a paparazzi site making us think that they are in fact real.

Another commenter astutely points out, “They have to be real because of the photo of her adjusting the top to put it back on. Why would she be putting a bikini top on over a bikini top? And it is definitely her because there are photos of her from that same trip in that same suit. People are just upset because of how blurry they are. The photographer is clearly hiding and is taking long distance photos through tall grass.”

While another says, “The girl with her is Shay Mitchell wearing the exact same outfit as she did a couple of days ago when they were last seen at the beach. Just because they’re blurry and haven’t been posted on US-sites yet doesn’t make them fake.”

So are they real? Maybe, and if they are, to quote Teri Hatcher, “They’re spectacular.”

Copy/paste this and be the judge for yourself:

UPDATE: The pics are definitely real. Aww, yeah.

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Ashley Benson/Shay Mitchell image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock