Ashley Sky shows her holiday spirit by being almost naked in red lingerie

Just yesterday we shared a photo shoot involving Ashley Sky which we called “one of the sexiest ad campaigns of 2013.” Today we share a video of Ashley in what we’re calling “one of the sexiest holiday videos of 2013.” Synergy!

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This video, shot for Galore magazine, where they also have some crazy hot pics of Ashley in her Christmas lingerie (and I mean CRAZY HOT), truly shows what the holiday spirit is all about: hot babes in red lingerie that barely covers their goodies. Just the way Jesus intended it.

Want even more Ashley Sky pics and GIFs? We’ve got you covered right here.

[Editor’s Note: Sorry, no idea what happened to Ashley and her video or pics. They disappeared from Galore’s Web site, but trust me they were hot as you can see from the screencap above. Trust me, we didn’t imagine it. If they re-publish it we’ll update the video below.]