Aubrey O’Day has one rocking Instagram account

Aubrey O’Day, Instagram

With news that Danity Kane is planning on reuniting (even without Diddy… gasp!) it was a nice reminder that Aubrey O’Day was still out there, so I wondered what she’s been up to lately. And what better place to find that out than Instagram! If you want to find out more about the alleged Danity Kane reunion, please feel free to click here. For the rest of you (like me) who are only interested in seeing the many, many hot pics Aubrey O’Day shares online, well, you can see a smidgen of a sample above. Girl has shared over 1,300 pictures on Instagram so I only had so much bandwidth, but as you can see, if you are a fan of Instagram, Aubrey O’Day is someone you should be following.

Photo credit: Aubrey O’Day, Instagram