Ben Affleck as Batman: For or against? Show it with a t-shirt!

Because it is important, now fans can wear one of these new Ben Affleck Batman t-shirts to either show their support of Affleck as the choice for the new Dark Knight or their hatred of the selection. And you can’t waffle here on Affleck as Batman, EVERYONE MUST MAKE A CHOICE BECAUSE THIS IS THE INTERNET AND WE ALL MUST EXPRESS OUR FEELINGS IN ABSOLUTES.

Okay, so no one actually has to do all of that, but these shirts designed by Robinzson and available on Redbubble are pretty hilarious you must admit.

I’m just worried that if I wear one of these to a movie theater that it’ll some comic nerd will go all Bay Area sports fan on me. Then again, I can probably just defend myself by knocking his glasses off and poking him with his protractor.

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Express Your Love (Or Hate) Of Affleck As Batman Via T-Shirt [Comics Alliance]