Get to know ‘scream queen’ Brooke Lewis

If there is one movie genre in which we as guys love our ladies it’s horror movies and the scream queen. And one of the best out there is the multi-talented Brooke Lewis. Lewis is a Hollywood chameleon and jack-of-all-trades as she has worked in the entertainment industry as an actress, writer and producer. As for the acting part, Brooke won the Golden Cob Award for “Best Scream Queen” for her performance in the 2010 cult horror hit Slime City Massacre. Love me some Slime City Massacre. As a producer one of her films, Sprinkles, was an official selection at Pollygrind 2011 in Las Vegas, and for her work on Sprinkles, she received the 2011 Write Brothers Excellence in Film Award at the Action On Film International Film Festival. So keep an eye out for her throughout the year, because according to her IMDB profile (with a smoking hot profile pic) she is working on as many as six films in 2013.

Photo credit: Genna Sandler