Chrissy Teigen naked for GQ is pretty fantastic

Thomas Whiteside/GQ

Chrissy Teigen got naked for the latest issue of GQ. Why? Why not? All I know is that GQ got Chrissy Teigen to do it in front of a camera and the results (i.e. pictures) are as wonderful as one would expect. Of course they also interviewed her so we can find out a little more about our favorite model on Twitter, plus they shot the video below where you can learn what it would take to date her – like the best place to pick somebody up, how to impress a girl, that sort of thing. Oh and she’s in the shower for bits of it as well. That too. Sadly, Chrissy is currently taken by one John Legend, but the information she shares is good to file away, you know, just in case.

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Photo credit: Thomas Whiteside/GQ