Christen Dye and Leanna Decker need your vote (so here are some bikini pics)

Two of our favorite pretend girlfriends, Christen Dye and Leanna Decker, have made it to the semi-finals of Maxim’s 2014 Hometown Hotties contest. And they want your vote. So much so, they asked us to share these sexy pictures with you as a part of their campaigns. (I only hope 22 pics are enough. By the way, how AWESOME are these ladies?) Leanna Decker (the redhead) was already voted the 2012 Playboy Cybergirl of the Year, and now both she and Christen Dye are duking it out (nicely) for yet another sexy title. Just one question though: Is there any way they can tie? Because I could really go for that.

Vote for Christen Dye here. And vote for Leanna Decker here. Note: you can vote for both of them repeatedly until they get to the finals, which they will do, RIGHT?

Need even more reasons to vote for Christen and Leanna? Here are two more reasons.

Photo credits: Jose Luis, Trever Hoehne, Th Taylor, Fab Fernandez, Eddie Lopez, Tristan Kallas