Drew Barrymore did a photo shoot, for some reason

Drew Barrymore has never been featured on this site before today. Mostly it’s because I don’t know if she is someone you folks would be interested in. Let’s put that to the test here today. We all know who Drew Barrymore is, she’s been acting forever and is still just 38 years-old. I’m not sure if she still qualifies as sexy, but she is definitely still attractive as this fun new behind the scenes look at her cover shoot for Lucky magazine will attest. But is she really that relevant anymore to our audience is my question. She only has two movie credits as an actress since 2009, so what do you think? Are you a Drew Barrymore fan? Are there such things anymore? I guess in a few days, the Guyism 100 will tell the tale.

Photo credit: YouTube/Lucky