Ellis Cooper uses Instagram like a glamour model should

Ellis Cooper, remember her? If you are a regular reader here I bet you do. But if not, let me clue you in. She is the future of British glamour modeling. Got your attention now, don’t I? As you can see from these photos that she has shared on Instagram she’s got a lot going for her and many of the characteristics we look for in a glamour model. Hot body? Check? Willingness to show it? Check. Okay, that’s really about all we need, but there’s a reason her video for ZOO made our list of the 50 Sexiest Videos of 2012 and the evidence is in these pictures, and even more so in the pictures from her account we couldn’t share. Wow. No wonder Ellis Cooper was one of the most popular women on this site in the month of December.

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Photo credit: Ellis Cooper, Instagram