Gird your loins, Emilia Clarke is trying to make herself even hotter

Emilia Clarke, aka Khaleesi, aka the hottest naked chick on Game of Thrones, is in the process of somehow trying to make herself even sexier than she already is. Oh boy.

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According to an interview Emilia did for this month’s Instyle UK her training for the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genesis is whipping her body into even more amazing shape than it already is. Hard to believe, huh?

“I’ve been spending all day every day, in weapons training. I’ve been shooting guns, weightlifting, kickboxing and generally kicking a lot of ass. On top of that, I have not been allowed to eat anything that might taste good at all … Everything on these plates looks amazing but, heartbreakingly, I’m not allowed to eat any of it. Not one thing on this table. Except a cup of tea. One cup of tea. No sugar. No cream.”

So Emilia has been shooting guns, weightlifting, kickboxing, kicking a lot of ass, and getting into even better shape? When does this movie come out again? And will there be a nude scene?

Emilia Clarke – Emilia Clarke Adopts Gruelling Diet For Terminator Film [Contact Music]

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Emilia Clarke image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock