Emma Stone going all fangirl over Scary Spice then singing ‘Wannabe’ is priceless

So Emma Stone was Australia 2Day when she got to talk to one of her heroes Scary Spice and completely lost it, even being brought to tears at one point. Then she sang “Wannabe.” All totally normal. Why did she break into song, you’re asking? Because at some point in the past Emma said her favorite Spice Girl was Baby Spice. Now all of this would have been incredibly embarassing and I would have made fun of her, but she was just being so Emma Stone-ish the whole time how could I?

I guess with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 coming out soon and Jennifer Lawrence taking some time off we might have the new Interim America’s Sweetheart on our hands.

In other news, we now what happened to famous nobody Sophie Monk who we drooled over for several years awhile back. She’s back in Australia hosting radio shows. Doesn’t seem like the best use of that body, but what do I know?