Farrah Abraham ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ sex tape sets record

Farrah Abraham’s sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom, netted two million viewers in the first 12 hours, “pounding” the record set by the Kim Kardashian-Ray J sex tape.


The Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape set the bar at a very respectable 600,000 viewers back in 2007. The former MTV Teen Mom had no problem handling the size though. Farrah Abraham’s sex tape tripled up on that number. The two million viewers in 12 hours was enough to make Vivid’s website go limp for 9 minutes.

Being the self-aware company that Vivid is, this is what they had to say to TMZ:

Vivid honchos tell us they were able to access additional servers to handle, as they put it, “the immense load.”

I’m not sure if this record will stand one Guinness and their book of records gets involved. While Kim Kardashian: Superstar certainly launched her career, it was a genuine sex tape. Farrah Abraham’s sex tape is actually a porn. I don’t care that she filmed it herself. She paid a porn star, James Deen, to have sex with her. That means she either bought a prostitute, which is illegal, or she starred in a porn.

Congrats on your new career, Farrah. You can stop playing coy on Twitter now.


via TMZ