Genevieve Morton, bikini modeling expert, has a really good Instagram account

Genevieve Morton is a swimsuit modeling legend (so deemed by me). She is one the rare models who has been regularly featured in both the American Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as well as the equally amazing South African version. So with that being said, I wanted to see what kind of pictures Genevieve Morton shares on her Instagram account. Surely they have to be good, right? Yes, yes they are. Not only are the selfies like those I am sharing with you today wonderful, she also shares a ton of her professional pics too – and on a very regular basis I might add. Genevieve knows how to please her fans – one of which you are right now, aren’t you? She should get the cover of the American version next year just based on her service time alone for their two swimsuit issues.

Can’t get enough Genevieve Morton? We’ve got a lot more right here.

Photo credit: Genevieve Morton, Instagram