Wait, exactly when did Gisele Bundchen shave her head?

Gisele Bundchen stars in a new print ad campaign for Balenciaga and in the photos she’s sporting a buzzcut, yet I follow her on Instagram and uh, her hair is, and has been, as long as ever. So what gives?

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Here’s one of the ads in question…

And here’s Gisele just a few days ago…

Now I know what some of you are thinking: the ads were probably shot months ago and she just went into hiding for a couple of weeks then got extensions to get her hair back to it’s normal length. (That is what you were thinking, right? Okay.) And that could be true, though I would have thought the paparazzi or someone would have caught her at some point with the buzzcut.

I also have another theory on this buzzcut confusion and I think it just involves a bit of Photoshop magic involving Gisele and her husband Tom Brady.

This is what I think the unretouched version of the ad might actually look like…


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